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100% Verified Soccer Tipster

Soccer is the most popular sport on the planet for so many reasons. There is so much more happening on the field during a match, that it is not just about the goals and which side is going to win. This is also the reason that soccer betting is so popular. With so many things happening on the field at any given time, you can bet on many of these events. Our verified soccer tipster make it possible for you to bet on these events and make some lucrative profits.

All these events can be categorized under the different soccer betting markets. Explore all these betting markets and find out how our verified soccer tipster can help you.

1. Match Outcome Bets

This is the most popular type of soccer bet. It is also referred to as the moneyline wager. It is popular because of its simplicity and all kinds of punters find it easy to understand. This straightforward wager has you betting on 1 out of the 3 outcomes of a match:

  • Home Win
  • Draw
  • Away Win

That is the simplest that a bet can be in soccer.

2. Over/Under Bets

These bets are placed on the total goals of the match. Our soccer tipsters can make it easy to place this bet. Usually, a betting site is going to give you the option to bet on over/under of total goals 2.5. Some may also allow other options like 2.0 and 3.5.

  • You will be betting over or under the total number of goals of both the sides
  • Since soccer is a low-scoring sport, it is relatively easier to place this bet here compared to other sports

3. Correct Score Bets

Most amateur punters are going to bet on the correct score bet in football because they think it is a straightforward wager. As popular as it is, the odds can be high here. Most punters don’t know that even if it seems to be a simple bet, it is difficult to get it right without the help of a tipster correct score. This is where we can make it easy for you to win on correct score bets.

  • You will be betting on the final score of the match
  • This wager is not as simple as the over/under bet
  • The betting site is going to provide you with correct score options to choose from

Our verified soccer tips make it easy for you to win these bets. Our experts evaluate many factors including past match results and other data to come up with winning predictions.

4. Halftime/Full-Time Results

When placing this wager, you will be betting on the result of both the halftime and fulltime of the match.

  • This bet has high odds because it is difficult to get it right
  • You can choose different outcomes for first half and full time, but both have to be won for the overall bet to be won
  • Your betting options for both the halves include Home Win, Draw, and Away Win

This bet is also referred to as HT/FT.

5. Halftime Result

The halftime/fulltime result wager can be difficult for you to predict. However, you can simplify it with the halftime wager.

  • All you have to do is to bet on who is going to win at halftime
  • The odds are lower than that for the HT/FT wager

Our tipster correct score can make it easier for you to place these bets.

You should consider betting on halftime time result in the following scenarios:

  • One side is a good beginner and scores regularly during the first half
  • One side is a slow beginner and has a history of conceding goals in the first half

When you know that one side is a good beginner, they are highly likely to win the first half and you can bet on them. And if a side is known for being a slow beginner, you can bet on the opposite side.

6. Both Teams to Score (BTTS)

This is also a popular soccer bet and we provide tipsters verified prediction for it. As the name suggests, you will be betting whether both sides are going to score in the match.

  • You will be backing Yes or No to the likeliness of both teams scoring
  • When evaluating the outcome, you should also consider whether both the teams can keep the sheet clean
  • It is recommended to bet on this market when other popular bets don’t give you clear selections
  • The perfect BTTS wager opportunity is when there are 2 good attacks against 2 poor defenses

You can also place a BTTS wager as an alternative to the Over 2.5 goals wager. Both these markets can have similar but completely unrelated results. In an Overs wager, there can be an outcome where just one side scores, but it is not possible if you want to win the BTTS wager.

7. Draw No Bet

This is an even simpler bet compared to verified soccer tips predictions. You will be betting on which side is going to win the match.

  • This is a safe wager
  • It has lots of similarities to the 1X2 bet, but it doesn’t give you the option to bet on a draw
  • If the match ends in a draw, your wager is returned

Thus, the risks are lower and the payouts can also be slightly lower.

8. Score/No Score Bet

As already mentioned, there are almost endless betting opportunities in soccer. And we provide verified soccer tips for almost all of them. This also includes the Score/No Score wager.

  • You will place a wager and determine whether the chosen side is going to score or not
  • This bet is placed on the completion of the match, not just the first half or second half
  • This is a simple and straightforward bet of goal or no goal

9. Goalscorer Bets

Soccer gives you so many betting options, you can also bet on the certain aspects of the goal scorers. There are 3 main types of such bets:

  • First Goalscorer: You will be betting on the player who is likely to score the first goal of the game. This can be any player from either of the teams. Because there will be 22 players on the field, it can be difficult to make a prediction. This is where the best soccer tipster in the world on this site can help you win.
  • Last Goalscorer: Similar to first goalscorer, you can also bet on the player who scores the last goal. Because it is extremely difficult to predict, it is recommended to choose predictions from our verified soccer tipster to make a winning bet.
  • Anytime Goalscorer: This is a relatively easier wager because you will be betting on one player who is likely to score during the entire match. Still it is recommended to get the help of verified soccer tips to win these bets.

10. First Goal

It is not just the goalscoring player that you can bet on. Soccer betting also allows you to bet on the team that is going to score first. All these different betting options also increase the fun factor, allowing punters to bet on interesting sub-events related to soccer matches.

Instead of choosing one of the 22 players, you will be betting on just one of the 2 teams. Since it is much easier to predict compared to the goalscorer bets, the odds are low. However, you should expect the payouts to be lower.

11. Scorecast

There are many simple and straightforward soccer betting markets that can seem to be lucrative to amateur and beginner punters. However, there are some complex bets that may be more lucrative for experienced bettors who seek bigger returns on their wager. The Scorecast bet is one such option.

  • You will be picking 2 different events
  • The first selection is the player who is likely to score the first goal
  • You can bet on any player from any side
  • The second selection is on the final score of the match

In order to win the Scorecast wager, it is required to make correct prediction for both the parts. Since it can be difficult to predict it correctly, using our verified soccer tipster predictions can help you win.

12. Accumulator Bets

This is another type of soccer betting market that is ideally suited for serious bettors. As the name suggests, an accumulator bet is a combination of multiple bets. This betting market is also referred to as parlay wager.

  • You can combine 4 or more bets in a single accumulator bet
  • Each bet can be placed on a different sub-event in different soccer matches
  • You will win the accumulator bet only when each one of the individual pick wins
  • You will lose the accumulator bet even if one of the picks is lost

Since the odds of winning an accumulator bet are much lower than the odds of each individual bet, the payouts are big. For every bet you add to the accumulator bet, the odds keep going down. You should choose this type of bet only if you have expert verified soccer tips. Our predictions help you make the right choice when placing such complex bets.

There are many more types of soccer betting markets. And our predictions cover most of them including the tipster correct score. You can rely on our tips to ensure that you win consistently. Some of the examples include:

  • Point Spread
  • Futures
  • Grand salami

Soccer Betting Factors

When it comes to making winning bets, our verified soccer tipster community makes it possible for you to record profits every month and league season. Our tipsters assess all the key factors including the following:

  • Team & Player Current Forms: The current form of the key players and both the teams gives a clear indication of how both sides are likely to perform. The goal is to find out how both the sides are playing currently. Our soccer tipsters can make it easier for you to determine the current forms of both the sides. This involves evaluation of both teams’ last 5 or 6 matches, the quality of their wins, the margins of their wins and losses, and the quality of their performances.
  • Head-to-Head Record: Our free verified soccer tips also take into account the head-to-head matches between the two sides. This helps in identifying any trend in the outcome of the matches between the two teams.
  • Playing Style: We have some of the best soccer tipster in the world, who also take into account the playing style of both the sides. The outcomes are meant to be different depending on the offensive and defensive styles of both the sides.
  • Home/Away Record: Most of the league matches are played on the home or away field. Whether it is soccer predictions 1x2 or any other betting market, our tipsters take into account the home/away record of both the sides depending on where the match is played. Usually, a team playing on its home field is considered to play better than playing an away match.
  • Player Suspension & Injury: If a team has one or more injured players, the side is not likely to perform at its peak levels. Our verified soccer tips also take into account any player suspension or injuries. We also evaluate the quality of the player substitution to determine the impact on team performance.

Our soccer tipsters also take many other factors into account including the schedule of the teams, motivation, team discipline, weather conditions, and the quality of both the teams. Our experienced tipsters have years of experience in soccer betting. Besides the basic statistics and other factors, we also have access to insider information. This provides us the edge when making winning predictions.

Our tipster correct score tips include correct score predictions and a wide range of tips with detailed explanation to help you make winning bets. Our goal is not just to help you win consistently, but also to generate profits at the end of every month and season when a league is active.

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