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Soccer, also known as football, is simply the most popular sport on the planet. More people follow it than any other sport. It is perhaps its simplicity that makes it so readily acceptable and popular. It is popular not just among its fans, but also among bettors. If you are a punter, you have come to the right place. At TipsterSoccer, you can find 100% sure win tips to help you win daily and consistently.

Whether you are a beginner or a veteran punter, our soccer betting tips provide you all the information required to become a winner.



What Is The Football Betting Tips?

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Soccer tips are made by experienced soccer tipsters by taking into account all the factors that influence a match. A lot of research and experience is required to come up with tips that help you win. When you rely on tips, you are no longer betting based on your own opinion, personal preferences, or guesswork.

The best daily football betting tips are made by experts who have years of experience. These tips are based on data and facts and not guesswork.

Data & Details

A good and a bad bet are different in terms of the information and detail they provide. Tipsters will evaluate different betting markets and identify the odds that are worth place bets on. These experts also take into account statistical probabilities.
The last few matches of both the sides in their respective leagues are also evaluated. Goal stats and calculated performance curves are taken into account to come up with probabilities for the tips. Many facts and figures based factors are taken into account, including the following:

  • ● Home/away records
  • ● Head-to-head records
  • ● Team and player forms based on last 5 or 6 matches
  • ● Latest team news
  • ● Player injuries or suspensions
  • ● Changes in the roster

When you buy soccer betting tips, you should know that the best tips go beyond the past performance of both the sides. Statistical data is processed to come up with the outcomes which are most likely to occur.
So you cannot just bet on soccer matches based on your own preferences or guesswork. Past performance and many other factors are essential for making accurate soccer tips predictions.

Where To Buy Soccer Betting Tips?


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This is an important question that every punter should consider carefully. You should search online to buy soccer betting tips from experienced tipsters. There are many benefits to seeking tips from tipsters online.

i. Access to Expert Analysis

When you buy betting tips, you will have access to expert research and analysis. Both the teams and their players are carefully analyzed by the tipsters. All the relevant data is also analyzed to ensure that no chances are taken. Besides, reputed sites have their tips verified by their own team of experts.

ii. No Need for Data Research

If you want to bet and win regularly like tipsters, it will be required to do find all the data and do your own research and analysis. When you buy betting tips, all this hard work is done by the experts. There is no need to search for data related to teams, players, weather conditions, field, and other factors.
When you buy accurate soccer tips, you can enjoy watching the matches instead of trying to make accurate predictions. The tipster will send you the tips along with all the data and information backing their predictions.

iii. Win Consistently

This is perhaps the most important benefit of buying football tips. You will be able to win consistently on your bets. You are assured of winning even when you are betting with high odds. Such experts are engaged full-time in making predictions and winning. They identify the markets for each match that can help generate profits.


iv. Feel More Confident

When you win consistently on your football bets, it helps boost your confidence levels. There is no need to do your research and get stressed about losing your money.

v. Enjoy Soccer

Football is meant to be enjoyed watching the matches. As a punter when you rely on tips from experts, you will get all the time to watch and enjoy your favorite sides play. It will take out the numbers game, which can be mundane, out of it.

What Is Sure Win Tips?

A sure win tips, as the name suggests, assures you of winning on your bet. A tipster makes these predictions after evaluating a combination of factors. These include the following factor:

  • Player Condition & Form: They check the forms of the key players on both sides. Player injuries are also evaluated. If any star player is injured or suspended, it can have a huge impact on how their team performs.
  • Home/Away Matches: Teams playing on their home turf are going to have a slight advantage. Betting on a home team can be an excellent sure win soccer betting strategy. Tipsters will also take into account other factors, home/away match has a big influence on the outcome given all the other factors are even.
  • Head-to-Head Record: Next, the experts will check the history of head-to-head record between the 2 sides. If there is a noticeable trend, it can be a clear indicator of how the upcoming match might turn out.

Many other factors are evaluated when coming up with sure win football betting.

How To Buy Best Soccer Betting Tips?


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You can buy all types of football betting tips online, including sure win betting tips. It is easy to buy soccer tips online from experienced tipsters. Some of the key aspects of the process are as follows:

  • Choose a Tipster: Check through the list of tipsters and check their performance statistics. Reputed sites list their tipsters based on the performance of their tips over a limited period of time. This includes information like the number of tips they have made, their win rate, and the profits they have generated.
  • Subscribe: Once you have found tipsters who can help you generate regular winnings, you can subscribe to them. This will provide you with alerts on the latest tips from the expert.
  • buy betting tips: Once you buy betting tips, you can follow the instructions provided by the tipster.

It is recommended to compare all the top-performing tipsters before choosing the right one.

Accurate Soccer Tips

If you want to win bets on football on a regular basis, it is recommended to learn how to create your own football betting strategy. Even if you are going to rely on tips from the experts, learn about basic strategies can give you deeper insights into making the right choice of games and betting markets.

Using soccer betting strategies can be beneficial, as it gives you the chance to analyze different methods and improve your betting skills. If you are a punter with a lower rate of success, learning strategies can help you win bets more consistently.

Basic Football Betting Strategies

Whether you are a beginner or an experienced punter, you will find these basic strategies to be simple and beneficial in helping you generate profits.

Pre-Season Strategy

Most of the punters are focused on football when the season is in action. If you want to succeed as a bettor, it is important to create a pre-season strategy. You should start analyzing and prepare close to the season. It can help you identify some lucrative betting opportunities.

Back the Big Favorites

One effective betting strategy among experienced tipsters is to back the favorite. This is a simple strategy but makes a lot of sense. While the odds and payouts are low, it assures that you will win consistently. However, you should also take into account all the different factors when coming up with this prediction. Favorites win most of the time, but injuries and suspensions of key players can favor the underdog. Tipsters can help you identify such scenarios so that you can benefit from the high odds of betting on the underdogs.

Matched Betting Using Free Bets

Using this strategy can help you in making assured profits from your bets. It is a type of arbitrage betting, but there is a major difference. Conventional arbitrage betting will involve seeking opportunities in discrepancy in the odds and lines from different bookies. When the right disparity is identified, it is possible to make guaranteed profits by placing bets on different outcomes.

It is difficult to find such situations for traditional arbitrage betting. Matched betting is different in that there is no need to look for disparity within the odds. You will be focused on making profits by making the most of the bonuses and free bets offered by betting sites.

Learning Soccer Betting Strategies

When it comes to soccer betting strategy, there are many options to help you win consistently. However, it can also be beneficial to learn how to come up with your own strategies. There are 4 factors that can make it possible for you to make profits by creating your betting strategies. This includes:

  • Time: If you want to improve your betting skills, you should be ready to invest some time into it. The time will be spent on studying relevant data and coming up with your own predictions.
  • Knowledge: Knowledge of the teams and players you intend to bet on can help you with creating your strategies. Betting on teams you already follow can be beneficial because you have some knowledge about their playing style and key players. It is also important to know the different types of betting markets. Soccer may be a simple sport, but it seems to have many more betting options compared to other sports.
  • Plan: It is always going to be helpful to follow a specific approach to betting on football. Your approach will also be defined by your betting goals. Start by determining which leagues and matches you are going to bet on.
  • Bankroll: You will certainly need a decent-sized bankroll to be able to bet. As a beginner, you are not likely to win regularly. So make sure that you have enough money to learn before you start making profits. It is important to learn how to stick to a budget to become a successful soccer punter.

Coming up with your own strategy can be a difficult and time-consuming affair. At the same time, following proven strategies doesn’t mean that you are always going to win. So it is best to get the help of expert tipsters and buy 100% sure win tips. It means winning consistently and making big profits.

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Callum Lynch


September 2016
284.27 %

89% average records

Ewan McKenzie


February 2018
77.96 %

75% average records

Ben D. Torres


August 2017
77.08 %

76% average records

Paul Hodgson


January 2017
430.33 %

86% average records

January 2017
78.86 %

85% average records

Luong Quang


January 2018
79.59 %

70% average records

Every soccer punter desires to win on each and every bet. However, this is not possible without expert daily accurate soccer tips. You will also need to follow certain additional tips to be able to become a consistent winner.

Start by maintaining a record of your betting performance. This strategy is going to help you along the way. Make sure to record the following data related to your football betting activities:

  • ● Your winning and losing bets
  • ● The money wagered on your bets
  • ● Profits or loss against each bet
  • ● Bookies and the bets you placed against each one

All this data is going to help you get a clear idea of whether your betting strategy is working or not. Evaluating the data can make it possible to make adjustments to your betting style and approach.

Another important strategy for winning with soccer betting is to keep your emotions out of it. You should use your brain and always stay in control no matter you are winning or losing. If you bet based on your emotions, it can cause bad decisions and reduce your profits.

For example, if you bet based onsoccer betting tips that say that your favorite side is going to lose a match, you should keep your feelings for the team aside. On the other hand, you should avoid betting on teams you like unless it is supported by an expert prediction. Relying on emotions is the sign of amateur bettors. Anytime you feel that your personal preferences and emotions are getting in the way of your betting experience, you should stop betting and do it another time.

iii. Increase Your Knowledge

The more knowledge you can accumulate on teams and players, the better it is going to be for your success rates. So if you are going to bet on a team, it is recommended to gain as much information about them as possible. In the best-case scenario, you should have watched their past matches or maybe have followed them for years.

Some of the knowledge points you should cover include the following:

  • ● Both sides’ current form in both attack and defense
  • ● Changes in the roster at the last minute
  • ● Key player injuries or suspensions
  • ● Recent results

There are many little details that can go in to help you find winning bets. It is recommended to watch gams as much as possible. Gaining knowledge of soccer can be a time-consuming affair. However, this hard work does have its payoffs for punters in the long term.

iv. Learn About Betting Markets

Another important betting strategy to win consistently is to increase your knowledge of the different betting markets. This will make it easier for you to determine where to put your money. Interestingly, the list of betting markets in soccer is almost endless. You should learn which ones are best for a given match and situation.

There are simple bets like Win-Draw-Win and Both Teams to Score (BTTS) with low odds and more complex bets like Correct Score and Parlays with high odds. Knowledge of all the popular bets can help you determine which ones have the right odds for you to make profits.

v. Be Open to Smaller Wins

As a punter, it is important to be ready to take small wins. This can help ensure that you are making profits in the long term. Smaller wins also help you grow your bankroll. Bets with low odds are good examples for recording such wins.

However, when it comes to making big wins, you should buy sure win tips from the experts. Tipsters can make it easier for you to win on bets with high odds, helping you make big returns.

Best Way To Win On Football Betting

There are many ways to improve your betting strategies and approach so that you can win more often. However, the best way to win is to rely on accurate soccer tips from the experts.

If you want to win bets consistently, you will have to get the help of tipsters. These experts have been betting on football for years and know how to identify opportunities. Besides experience, you should also check the statistics related to a tipster’s performance. Some of the performance stats you should check and compare are as follows:

  • ● Number of Tips
  • ● Hit Percentage
  • ● Odds
  • ● Wins, Pushes, Fails
  • ● Profits
  • ● ROI

Always choose tipsters with high-performance statistics. They should be experienced and have an excellent reputation. Check whether their tips are verified and do they offer replacement tips.

Insider Information

Expert betting tips can also be based on insider information. Some tipsters have contacts with former football players, coaches, or other insiders. Such contacts provide them access to insider information that may not be available to the masses. Thus, you are able to benefit from tips that are based on key information that can have a huge impact on the outcome of a match.

How To Win Daily On Soccer Betting?

If you intend to win daily on football betting, you should rely on sure win tips from tipsters.

There are many reasons why you should buy win tips:

  • Profits: Tipsters can help you win daily and make big profits. The profits tipsters generate can be determined from their ROI. Checking this stat can provide you an assurance that you can also benefit from their tips.
  • Access Key Information: As already mentioned, tipsters have much deeper knowledge than normal. They have not only been following the specific league, teams, and players, but they also have access to insider information.
  • Reassurance: You may have been watching soccer or even betting for a long time. This means that you can have your own opinions about certain outcomes and events related to an upcoming match. When you rely on sure win betting tips, you are able to confirm your own opinions. For example, you may have every reason to think that the underdogs are going to win in an upcoming match. The bookies may be offering high odds for such an event to occur. However, if you find an experienced tipster agreeing with your opinion, you can look forward to making a big profit out of such a betting tip.

Gabriel Eyob


June 2017
472.18 %

89% average records

Paul Hodgson


January 2017
430.33 %

86% average records

Michael Lees


March 2017
477.19 %

81% average records

Chris Hodgson


January 2017
81.32 %

79% average records

Medhanie Hagos


December 2016
444.28 %

92% average records

Chester Piller


April 2017
81.23 %

70% average records

Finding the Best Tipsters

Now that you know how to win consistently on soccer betting, it is important to find out how and where to look for the best tipsters. If you are experts with years of experience and impeccable betting records, you have come to the right place. At TipsterSoccer, we bring you some of the most successful soccer tipsters from around the world.

Each tipster’s performance records are displayed on our site. You can check their performance stats and make comparisons before choosing the right specialist. Our experts provide you sure win soccer betting tips after evaluating all the key factors involved in a match. Besides, each tip presented is verified by our community of experts. You can check each tipster for their performance based on ROI, Profits, Hits, Wins, and other relevant stats.

Besides, we cover all the popular soccer leagues and championships from around the world. Thus, you will be able to find tips for matches from any league of interest to you. Whether it is the English Premier League, Spanish La Liga, German Bundesliga, Italian Serie A, French Ligue 1, UEFA Champions League, or any other event, we cover them all with our winning tips.

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