Who Is The Best Pro Soccer Tipster In The World?

Who Is The Best Pro Soccer Tipster In The World?

Soccer is an unpredictable game and this makes it an ideal sport for betting. With almost every country around the world a fan of soccer, it is but natural for soccer betting to take place in almost all corners of the globe. Some of the soccer betting that occurs is specific to the region or country where it is based but most bookmakers, punters and tipsters participate in all major leagues taking place across the world.

In fact, soccer betting is ruled by bookmakers and punters try to gain supremacy over them by staking money on bets with the hope that they will be able to win the same. However, the main motive of the bookmakers is to set such odds that punters are not able to win easily. Pro soccer tipsters form the third corner of the triangle and help punters with accurate soccer predictions and tips so that they are able to beat the bookies at their own game.

How to make soccer betting predictions

Soccer predictions are thus a very important strategy which punters need to adopt in order to understand the intricacies of an ongoing soccer game. But what makes it so important for punters to buy tips and predictions from tipsters? The answer lies in the fact that tipster websites maintain a huge pool of statistical data related to every match that has been played in at least the last 2 years.  It is this data which pro soccer tipsters use to analyse and preview an upcoming match.

The importance of these tips and predictions lie in their accuracy which is again dependent on the proper analysis of historical data based on the following factors:

  • Current forms: The gameplay of both the teams and players individually needs to be analysed. In fact, the current form of the team and its players can only be determined by taking into consideration their performance in the last 6 to 7 matches with regard to:
    • The quality of the wins that they have achieved,
    • The contribution of the players individually and as a team,
    • The margins by which the team has won and lost matches etc.
  • Head-to-head matches: This is a very critical analysis done by pro soccer tipsters since it has a direct bearing on an upcoming match. The past performances of both the teams when they have played against each other are a matter of great importance. It helps to provide a clear indication of what can be expected from the match scheduled between the two teams. In fact, a correct and in-depth analysis of the same will also enable pro soccer tipsters to make a fairly accurate prediction in regard to the wagers that are slated to get placed in the upcoming match.


  • Playing style: The strategy of play or the gameplay that a team adopts or is scheduled to adopt also has an impact on the match outcome. Thus, if a team has been playing defensively previously but has suddenly started to get offensive, this change in strategy impacts the outcome in two different ways. If the team is comfortable with the new strategy, they perform well but if not then their performance suffers.


  • Home or away: The crowd advantage is a very big morale booster. Thus teams playing on home-ground have a much higher chance of winning the match than the one playing away from home. But soccer is unpredictable and there have been instances wherein crowd favourites playing on the home ground have lost miserably. Thus, pro soccer tipsters have to take this into account when they finalise the predictions for an upcoming match.


  • Suspensions and injuries: This is another factor which has a deep psychological impact on the team’s morale. The absence of a key player tends to lower the team’s self-esteem and consequently, they tend to perform much below their capacity. Thus, when tipsters make predictions, they need to take this into account also.


Based on the above important points, pro soccer tipsters come up with predictions related to most of the different bets or wagers that get placed in the match. Punters search for good professional tipsters so that they are able to either buy or get these tips and predictions for free. Once they are armed with the predictions, it becomes easier for the punter to place bets accordingly.


Some well-known tipsters

Tipsters are also ranked based on certain criteria like:

  • Data legitimacy,
  • Data volume maintained,
  • Profitability and ROI,
  • Frequency of tips sent,
  • Recent performance and
  • The price or cost of the pro soccer tipsters.

Based on the above the top tipsters that are extremely popular are:

  • Sports insider,
  • SVB Tips,
  • Alias core,
  • EFL Advisory,
  • WEBEL football world etc.

However, even pro soccer tipsters have to face certain limitations while making soccer predictions like difficulty in identifying value bets consistently. But in spite of this drawback, the predictions that good tipsters make has the ability to make a punter gain big time. It is this ability which makes tipsters and punters a formidable duo, provided the combination has a perfect understanding of each other’s soccer betting needs.

It should also be noted here that the unpredictability of soccer is a constant factor looming on the horizon. No amount of data or statistical formulae, probability equations etc., can enable pro soccer tipsters to make predictions with 100% accuracy. But even with this eventuality in kind, predictions are made and punters depend on them to ensure winnings on the bets that they place. It would also not be wrong to say that of the number of wins a punter has to his credit, most of them would be the influence of the predictions made by good professional tipsters. It is thus a fact that soccer betting is incomplete without the presence of the pro soccer tipsters who work in tandem with the punters to ensure wins for the punters and defeats for the bookmakers.

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