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Sure wins soccer predictions.

I understand that finding accurate soccer prediction sites can be challenging, as the accuracy of predictions can vary widely. It’s important to approach these sites with caution and use them as just one of several sources of information for making decisions. As of my last knowledge update in September 2021, here are a few websites that were known for providing relatively reliable soccer predictions:


FiveThirtyEight uses statistical models and data analysis to provide predictions for various sports, including soccer. They take into account factors like team strength, player performance, and other relevant metrics.


Betegy combines statistical data, algorithms, and machine learning to generate predictions. They offer a wide range of predictions and analysis for soccer matches.


KickOff provides detailed statistics and analysis for soccer matches. They offer predictions based on various factors, including team form, player injuries, and historical performance.


Infogol uses advanced statistics and data analysis to provide predictions and insights for soccer matches. They also offer in-depth information about team and player performance.


SoccerTipsters is a platform that provides tips and predictions from a community of soccer experts. It allows you to see the track record of different tipsters and make more informed decisions.


Betadvisor offers predictions and betting tips from professional tipsters. You can access their historical performance data to evaluate the reliability of different tipsters.

OLBG (Online Betting Guide):

OLBG is a community-driven platform where users share their predictions and insights. You can see the success rates of different users and choose those with a proven track record.


Betverified is a platform that verifies and monitors the performance of betting tipsters. This can help you find trustworthy sources for soccer predictions.


Betrush offers predictions and betting tips from various sources. They also provide information about bookmakers and odds.


SmartBets provides odds comparison, tips, and predictions for various sports, including soccer. You can find insights and data to aid your decision-making.

Remember that even the most accurate prediction sites can’t guarantee 100% accuracy due to the unpredictable nature of sports. Always do your own research, consider multiple sources of information, and make informed decisions based on your own analysis. Additionally, keep in mind that the landscape of prediction sites may have changed since my last update in September 2021.

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